African Medical Mission

group_children_homepage-150x150Every day in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, African Medical Mission brings help and hope to the poorest of the poor, strengthening the most vulnerable communities with commitment and compassion.

Inspired by the belief that South Africa’s poor deserve the quality healthcare available to those of means, AMM provides focused, direct medical treatment and life-enhancing social services through its Bedford Orthopedic Hospital and Itipini community programs.

Responding to urgent needs while building the foundation for a stronger, more sustainable future, AMM treats patients and trains local healthcare workers; builds hospital infrastructure and provides educational opportunities for children; offers bread to those in need and helps them work toward a day when they will be able to feed themselves. These hospitals are in need of qualified CNA’s and ultrasound technicians.

Life As An AMM Volunteer

What’s it like volunteering for AMM? Read the blogs below from current and former volunteers.

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